Trailer’s Delight

2016-07-13 - Trailer's Delight (2)

“Red sky at night…” my wife spoke of the rust-coloured shades permeating the evening horizon. If the nautical saying could be applied to land then this was an omen of good weather for our next day’s camping trip.

Instead it rained, all day and through the night.

We had faced such weather in our tent before. Like in Halifax when bursts of rain billowed under the fly to dampen our slumber, or during a foggy stay in St. John’s when we saw our breaths as mist and doubled up on blankets in the night. But this time we didn’t bring out tent. For the first time as a camping couple, we would be kept safe and dry in the comfort of a little teardrop trailer of our own.

It was a custom build, purchased by us from a man adept at ingeniously fitting as much functionality as possible into a small package. And I mean small. The trailer is shorter in length than our car, allowing us to easily hook it up and tow it on a whim to any enclave of wilderness we can make it to. And contained within it is all we need for a standard journey:

  • 2016-07-13 - Trailer's Delight (1)An inner space with a mattress covering the floor, where we can lay and fall asleep to the sound of nature through curtained windows, our body heat enough to fill the cozy space with warmth.
  • An outside kitchen that pops out from the back, complete with counter space and a propane camp stove.
  • Cupboards, drawers, retractable shelves, and all varieties of storage nooks built wherever they can unobtrusively fit.
  • Lights and outlets wired to a solar panel.
  • A detachable arch of canvas that we can set up around the door, so that even in the rain we can sit outside in shelter from the wet.

The trailer certainly passed the wet test on our first excursion, and we’ve since taken it out on sunnier occasions. It is our latest favourite toy and refuge. We named her Cecilia.

2016-07-13 - Trailer's Delight (3)Not that she will ever fully replace our tent. For the past five years the latter has been our portable space for weekend lakeside getaways, music festivals and weddings. It has housed us throughout North America, from the Western coast of Canada to Newfoundland and as far south as California, along with all sorts of spots in between. And we plan to use it as a second home some more, for places that our trailer cannot reach.

But now we have a third home too, and we will live in it as much as summer will allow. Barely begun are the seasons of adventures with our teardrop trailer haven.

Welcome to the family, Cecilia. We cannot wait to become more acquainted.

– Cory Stumpf


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