Oh yeah, I have a blog!  If spiders could infiltrate this space of mine the way they constantly creep into each room of my house, their sticky threads untouched for many months by now would have irrevocably enveloped every post I’ve written here.  But thankfully, despite its name the online web is immune to the invasion of arachnids, and though at home I must continue to clear the film they leave in every corner, everything here is as I left it back in March.

So why haven’t I been writing?  Well, actually, I have been.  Having recently returned to school this has been partly academic, while elsewise I have been engaged in an ambitious project that may someday reach completion but which at present is far from ready to be shared in any form. Apart from these efforts, however, there has been little in my life to inspire any verbiage that might be of interest to others than myself.

Besides a trip to Vancouver Island, best man duties for my best friend’s wedding, and a bus/hitchhiking/camping adventure which ultimately found me late-night grooving to Big Gigantic with friends and countless vivacious strangers in a glowing patch of Kootenays forest, the past half year or so for me has been relatively simple. It was kept as such due to my conserving money and vacation time for a voyage to a place I had fantasized of seeing since childhood: Europe.

The desire to go there had been lifelong, and specific plans began to materialize last year as my wife and I resolved to finally fulfill it before we both turn 30.  In quantifiable terms the trip would consist of five people, three weeks, seven countries, and one hell of a memorable journey.  Otherwise the depth of experiences gained would be far beyond measure.

That excursion has since sadly come and gone, and I am now recuperated enough from jetlag to be able to reflect upon and organize its plentiful sights and happenings into something to be coherently related. So stay tuned, readers of occasion as well as those who care to return (shout out to Cathy!). Tales of the East shall appear here in the coming weeks.

And seriously, fuck spiders.

– Cory Stumpf


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  1. Wow, awesome writing Cory. I am so very happy for you and Brittney having been able to take this chapter in your lives together. Keep exploring and sharing. “Can’t stop the words….” 🙂

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