Bavarian Roots

2015-10-28 - Bavarian Roots(1)

This was what we came here for.

After an overnight train from Amsterdam to Munich, followed by a breakfast of sausage, sauerkraut, and beer at the Hofbräuhaus, we caught a second locomotive to Memmingen and trekked with bulging hikers’ backpacks from the station to the bordering community of Memmingerberg. That is where we found the object of our quest. We knew its general location to be there, though we were unaware of its exact proximity. So it was truly serendipitous when we discovered it just two doors down from our apartment rental. There it stood upon a grassy hill, a simple wooden bench affixed with a plaque bearing words which brought moistness to the eyes of my wife and in-laws:

Rudolf Recklau

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At Home in the Netherlands

2015-10-16 - At Home in the Netherlands (5)

You would think a murder might have taken place.

Not that I don’t get along excellently with my wife’s parents and brother, but with any five family members spending three weeks on end together navigating foreign countries a breaking point is bound to occur. Thankfully with us that point was seldom reached, despite our dwelling as a group in mainly small apartments booked through Airbnb. And the first home we rented, in Amsterdam, was the smallest of them all.

2015-10-16 - At Home in the Netherlands (5)

But we immediately felt charmed by that apartment, and its neighbourhood, and the beautiful city they belong to where life is peaceful and things make sense and there is always something of interest just a short tram or bicycle ride away. Continue reading “At Home in the Netherlands”



Oh yeah, I have a blog!  If spiders could infiltrate this space of mine the way they constantly creep into each room of my house, their sticky threads untouched for many months by now would have irrevocably enveloped every post I’ve written here.  But thankfully, despite its name the online web is immune to the invasion of arachnids, and though at home I must continue to clear the film they leave in every corner, everything here is as I left it back in March.

So why haven’t I been writing?  Well, actually, I have been.  Having recently returned to school this has been partly academic, while elsewise I have been engaged in an ambitious project that may someday reach completion but which at present is far from ready to be shared in any form. Apart from these efforts, however, there has been little in my life to inspire any verbiage that might be of interest to others than myself.

Besides a trip to Vancouver Island, best man duties for my best friend’s wedding, and a bus/hitchhiking/camping adventure which ultimately found me late-night grooving to Big Gigantic with friends and countless vivacious strangers in a glowing patch of Kootenays forest, the past half year or so for me has been relatively simple. It was kept as such due to my conserving money and vacation time for a voyage to a place I had fantasized of seeing since childhood: Europe. Continue reading “Returned”

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