Together by Design

Have a stranger take a picture of the both of you together.

What to do? When coming up with ways to fill one’s leisure hours the tendency can be to resort to default outings like a trip to the movies or a round at the bar. But with my birthday falling on a Saturday this year, it seemed obligatory that I should find some special way to celebrate. To solve the dilemma of conceiving something fresh and interesting, my wife Brittany put forth an excellent idea: get someone else to do it.

She approached the folks behind Together By Design, a Kamloops venture that puts together custom dates and events for its patrons. We were delighted by the thought of letting someone else take care of all the details of our day, along with the element of surprise this would allow for. Prior to the commencement of our date we received a bundle of envelopes that we were to open individually at specified times. Continue reading “Together by Design”


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