The Dirty Jersey: A Haven for Noise

Much too infrequently these days do I dive into a mosh pit with limbs thrashing, sweat streaming off my body while I and a shifting mass of grinning faces around me shout along to a band mere feet away that channels every ounce of energy into the soundtrack of our manic movement.

I was recently reminded of an article I wrote back in my days as a journalism student, and one which I forgot existed.  It concerns The Dirty Jersey, a pub of Kamloops, British Columbia, which for a long time has been one of the city’s premier hosts of live music.  Though the story I refer to has a particular focus on a metal scene which has since gravitated more toward alternative venues, The Dirty Jersey still continues to showcase a wide range of bands throughout each year.  For the sake of attempting to gather much of my written work in one location, here is a link to the piece I wrote about it in 2008:

Digital Times: Dirty Jersey

The establishment also boasts comedy shows, weekly rock trivia nights, and excellent chicken wings!  Not to mention it is located adjacent to a bowling alley.  Fun and cheap entertainment certainly abounds at The Dirty Jersey, and if for nothing else I shall surely be guided there soon by my itch for live music.

– Cory Stumpf


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