Happy Shambs!

Shambhala 2014    “You need to go there,” a friend of mine had been telling me for years. “It will change your life,” I have heard several others say of it. This summer, for the first time, I finally heeded such words as these and ventured to the Kootenays for the legendary Shambhala Music Festival.

Up a dusty road I drove and strolled in through the gates on Sunday morning. This was the final day of festivities that had so far included acts like Moby, Bassnectar, and dozens more. Most people in attendance had been going strong since at least Thursday, but the overall momentum showed no signs of fading. Energy was everywhere as I explored the Salmo River Ranch with eyes and mind wide open. Continue reading “Happy Shambs!”


Trail Love

IMG_1655    “Once, we were teenagers in love, and since then it’s like we’ve never aged.  Together, we found a way to grow up while holding on to every vibrant aspect of our selves ten years ago.  Around a frame of fun and laughter we built a life of shared dreams and commitments.  With youthful vision we bought adult things, like a house to dance around in, and a car to take us to Disneyland.  Today, we wed like grownups do, so that like kids we can live the rest of our lives in joy and wonder.  We may have gotten older, but we’re still young, and in that way forever on I vow to let you have the best of me.”

Those were the words I spoke to my wife a year before last Saturday.  At the time we were still seconds from being married, but since the proceedings that followed we have spent countless convivial moments as husband and wife.  Keeping true to the sentiments of youthfulness conveyed in my vows, for our first anniversary we set off towards the western outskirts of mainland British Columbia, where fun was sure to be awaiting us. Continue reading “Trail Love”

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