Blades of Steel and Discs of Gold

1513703_10152194495890186_534170161_nThree minutes remain.  The quietness of accepted defeat has settled upon the office.  Every computer screen stays focused on Sochi, but enthusiasm is subdued and hope all but discarded.  The Canadian Olympic women’s hockey team is down 2-0 against the United States in the last minutes of the final game in the event. Expectations shift from visions of gold to those of silver.

Gasps suddenly erupt on one side of the floor, rippling across the room as the time delay catches up on the other side.  Canada got the puck in.  The score is now 2-1, with only three minutes left to go in the third period.  Our women might actually still have a chance. Continue reading “Blades of Steel and Discs of Gold”


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