Lessons of Wagamese

2013-12-19 - Lessons of WagameseMy words aren’t always there.  Sometimes they hide, or simply run away.  To try to find and bring them back to me can be exhausting.  I’m always seeking ways to summon them with ease.

A couple months ago, I espied a newspaper article about a writing workshop being offered at a Kamloops library.  Host to the invitation was Richard Wagamese, author of several novels including the 2012 bestseller Indian Horse.  What made this opportunity particularly special was its cost, or rather, the lack of one.  The writer was offering to share his advice and writing techniques with members of the Kamloops community, completely free of charge.  Eager to sign up I called right away, but found the class had filled already.  Still, I left my name and number, in case the man might hold another workshop.  To my delight he did, and I ended up a member of that second group. Continue reading “Lessons of Wagamese”


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