A Giving of Thanks

By now my belly is well content with three nights of turkey and all the fixings that go along with it.  As it is winding down, allow me to give in to the spirit of this holiday weekend with a long list of things for which I am thankful:

Thanks to my family, for their never-ending care and support.

My immediate Stumpf relations live near to me, so I am able to see them on a regular basis.  Even so, I greatly anticipate each holiday meal with my ever loving mom and dad, my awesome sister and her soon-to-be husband, and my adorable niece, who recently delighted my heart by learning to speak my name.  This Thanksgiving weekend my wife and I joined them and some family friends for a night of food, drinks, laughter, and a round of Cranium that resulted in quite a pathetic defeat for my team, but which we had a blast losing.

Thanks to my other family, for accepting me as one of their own.

It has been years since the Hockey clan first graciously welcomed me into their lives, but since marrying my beloved a few months ago they are now officially my in-laws.  It has become a tradition for my wife and I to visit them each year for a Thanksgiving feast, preceded by the Barriere Legion meat draw.  Sometimes we score some meat or cash.  Other times we leave with nothing.  Win or lose, we always get thoroughly tipsy on draught beer with Clamato, and this time around I won me a turkey!

Thanks to my wife, for her myriad wonderfulnesses.

My dear Brittany is a beautiful, clever, giving, endlessly fun, and all around amazing woman. Every morning I wake up happy to have her lying by my side, and I am a truly lucky guy to fall asleep with her again each night.  The life we have made together surpasses anything I ever could have hoped for.

Thanks to our critters, for all their quirks and companionship.

A couple of chinchillas that fling their poop throughout the room, a pug French bulldog that makes a dedicated mission of gobbling any unattended scrap of anything, and a hefty cat that relentlessly meows to be fed at 4am each morning.  I can hardly imagine a life without this bunch of furry, loveable nuisances.

Thanks to my friends, for a lifetime of rich interactions.

Past or present, each close acquaintance of mine has meant a great deal to me.  Even of those I rarely see or speak to, or who I lost touch with years ago, I appreciate having had them in my life.  These people have guided me through life and helped to shape the person I am today, and I am glad for everything I have gained by knowing all of them.

Thanks to all things pumpkin, for their supreme deliciousness.

I am referring to the consumption of pie, ale, lattes, and more.  Every autumn I look forward to such seasonally flavoured treats, and this weekend alone I have indulged in each of the aforementioned ones.

Thanks to AFI, for finally coming out with something new.
A Fire Inside is hands down my favourite band of all time, and a fitting soundtrack to any autumn.  With their ninth studio album out next week, and a November concert in Vancouver, you can count on me to soon obsessively elaborate on my love of their music.

Thanks to Breaking Bad, for never going downhill.

In my opinion, Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television show ever created, as far as consistency from start to finish.  Topnotch acting, mind-blowing cinematography and an impeccably written, gripping storyline that builds up and up throughout the seasons.  The climactic finale a couple of weeks ago left me free of any disappointment (unlike the series ender of Dexter!).  With Halloween approaching, I am already growing a Van Dyke for my Heisenberg costume.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for myself.  If not for my own existence, I could not be around to enjoy and appreciate all these incredible things I am immensely grateful to have in my life.  So thanks for being there, me.

– Cory Stumpf


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