These Trainhopping Two

Adapted from an article written October 2008.

AsImage summer exhales its final hot breaths over Kamloops, two nomads from opposite ends of the country come together in the city’s streets,  bonding over their shared love of marijuana and life on the road.  A few weeks later I meet them on the sidewalk of Victoria Street as they are about to make their way to Quebec for the fall and winter.

Michael is a 19-year-old from Montreal who arrived here this summer after stowing away on trains from Quebec to British Columbia.

“I came here for traveling and for work, but I have not found a lot,” he tells me in a French Canadian accent.  His brief time spent in the province has included odd jobs such as fruit picking and a stint at a winery.  Now he is sitting downtown by the curb, sporting a short black Mohawk and dressed in a sleeveless shirt and jeans with a Sex Pistols patch sewn onto one leg.  He plays an acoustic guitar for passers-by, hoping to gather enough change in his open guitar case for a meal and some cigarettes. Continue reading “These Trainhopping Two”


A Giving of Thanks

By now my belly is well content with three nights of turkey and all the fixings that go along with it.  As it is winding down, allow me to give in to the spirit of this holiday weekend with a long list of things for which I am thankful: Continue reading “A Giving of Thanks”

New Work, and Working Out

2013-10-08 - New Work, and Working Out

Working in a flooring warehouse can be a hell of a way to keep in shape.  Countless days of my adult have been spent hoisting massive rolls of carpet over my shoulders, manually emptying truckloads of up to 100 bales of underlay, and moving entire skids of laminate an armful of boxes at a time.  After years of such labour, I eventually found myself in the best physical shape of my life.

The problem now is, I no longer work in the flooring business.  Recently I moved on to an occupation in which I instead spend most of my time sitting at a computer.  Though satisfied with this new position, the transition from a highly physical vocation to one more sedentary has been a drastic change in pace for my body.

At my new job I click.  I scroll.  I type.  My fingers have been getting buff while the rest of my muscles languish in inactivity.

A couple of weeks ago, to offset my hours spent behind a desk, I picked up a pair of running shoes and some gym shorts and set out to discover a way to keep in shape. Continue reading “New Work, and Working Out”

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