A Moon Made of Honey

1098164_10151705359100186_1366079245_nFour mornings ago, I awoke as Cory Stumpf.  Today… well, for now that moniker remains the same.  The separate surnames of my significant other and I are currently up in the air as we decide which one to legally label us as a duo.  If we settle on hers, I will be known evermore as Cory Hockey, which sounds badass.  On the other hand I am clearly quite attached to the silent ‘f’ in Stumpf, a family name linked to a history involving apparent werewolfism (which is also pretty badass).  Not to mention the onus is on me to carry on my lineage.

The more salient point is we got married!  Friday afternoon found us standing by the ocean in sunny Saxe Point Park, tying the knot in the presence of a couple dozen of our closest friends and family.  The simple beauty and felicity of the ceremony exceeded anything we could have expected.  That evening, we all reconvened for dinner and cake in a marina coffee house, followed by dancing on the deck and mass consumption of wine and Tom Collinses.

The next morning, we met for a breakfast feast with all attendees of our wedding who hadn’t left Vancouver Island already and who weren’t too hung over to peel themselves out of bed.  After that we said our goodbyes and wandered around Victoria until the departure of our ferry to Port Angeles, Washington.  There we stocked up on supplies of the variety typically lacking for us Canadians, like widely available vanilla Coke, cheap booze, and chicken & waffle flavoured chips.  With such provisions procured and an overnight rest at a local hotel, we set off on our honeymoon.

By now we are a few days into our two week journey.  These past few days have been spent leisurely navigating our way along the coast, stopping along the way to explore towns of interest and check out sights such as giant cedars and ocean rooted protuberances.  By darkness we slept on the ground by the ocean, but tonight we take a break from camping.  I type this while lounging robed upon a leather couch with an adjacent Jacuzzi overlooking the Oregon sea.  My bride is by my arm, and the outside sound of waves tumbling ashore provides soothing ambiance for this segment of our romantic voyage as newlyweds.

The week and a half ahead of us will bring further camping, a tour of San Francisco, a trip to Disneyland, and a live taping of Conan.  Then we will hightail it back up to British Columbia, where we will fully settle into our life as a married couple.  Right now, however, it is our current adventure that has me most atwitter.  Though I eagerly anticipate a lifetime with my honey, and know it will entail endless trials and triumphs, the basic foundation of our lives at home will hardly change.  The love and commitment promised to each other by marriage have long existed in every day shared together.  Our rings and vows were chosen to commemorate an already flourishing exchange of devotion between us, and this we now celebrate on the road as husband and wife.

Cheers to that, and cheers to our future.  Cheers to us, the Stumpfs, the Hockeys, or the Hockey-Stumpfs.  Cheers to the one I most adore!

– Cory Stumpf


3 thoughts on “A Moon Made of Honey

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  1. And you both deserve all the best! I don’t know any couple more deserving than you two! (I vote you stay a Stumpf only for traditional reasons. However Hockey is pretty bad ass) oh and Logan votes Brit stay the “Original”. His words exactly.

  2. Stumpf means stump (possibly derived from a Biblical verse as the Stumpfs were long involved in religion: And there shall come forth a rod out of the stump of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots. Isaiah 11:1)

    Hockey is derived from old English Hocceg, meaning low level island covered in mallow plant.

    Perhaps is was this botanical connection that brought you kids together. 🙂

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