A Moon Made of Honey

1098164_10151705359100186_1366079245_nFour mornings ago, I awoke as Cory Stumpf.  Today… well, for now that moniker remains the same.  The separate surnames of my significant other and I are currently up in the air as we decide which one to legally label us as a duo.  If we settle on hers, I will be known evermore as Cory Hockey, which sounds badass.  On the other hand I am clearly quite attached to the silent ‘f’ in Stumpf, a family name linked to a history involving apparent werewolfism (which is also pretty badass).  Not to mention the onus is on me to carry on my lineage.

The more salient point is we got married!  Friday afternoon found us standing by the ocean in sunny Saxe Point Park, tying the knot in the presence of a couple dozen of our closest friends and family.  The simple beauty and felicity of the ceremony exceeded anything we could have expected.  That evening, we all reconvened for dinner and cake in a marina coffee house, followed by dancing on the deck and mass consumption of wine and Tom Collinses. Continue reading “A Moon Made of Honey”


Interior Paradise


“Noise almighty!” I thought as I knelt neck deep in Okanagan Lake.  The Saturday afternoon sun was blazing high overhead, while electro pop duo Humans toggled rhythms atop a stage on the beach.  “What a unique festival!”

There I was in the midst of year two for the quasi Hawaiian themed Keloha, a weekend long celebration of music and art held in Kelowna, British Columbia’s downtown Waterfront Park.  The shore and water were scattered with dancers, and I was definitely digging the good vibes. Continue reading “Interior Paradise”

This Pledge of Mine


Where did all of my words go?

For over a month this blog has been stagnant.  Several weeks have passed since the number of pages completed for my debut novel has progressed (yes, I am ever so sluggishly working on a book).  Even a simple grocery list has lately felt like time and nouns squandered.  All other written endeavors of mine have been stalled, set aside so I can focus wholly on one looming deadline.

“Writing marriage vows is tough,” I keep telling people as the fixed date for their completion grows ever nearer.

“Are you kidding me?” they usually scoff in some manner of the like.  “You’re a journalist.  Writing is your thing.  This should be easy for you!”

They are right about that; a mere few lines should be nothing at all for a word enthusiast to churn out.  So why have I been having such trouble coming up with something to say in those moments before I kiss my bride?  Perhaps I have been taking these marital verses too seriously, fixated on the depth of a symbolic and lawful union that feels demanding of some high standard of eloquent prose.  Though that has rarely been my style when it comes to the relationship between my fiancé and I. Continue reading “This Pledge of Mine”

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