Things Photoed: Noise Almighty

This blog began a couple months or so ago as a way for me to express myself with words, but today I am using it as a visual outlet as well.  The theme of this first photo blog is an insatiable obsession of mine: music.  Below is a brief collection of concert stills I have captured with a lens throughout western North America.

Big D and the Kids Table live at the Gorge Amphitheatre, George Washington.  Photo by Cory Magnus Stumpf.
Big D And The Kids Table bring brass notes and dance moves to the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington. August 2011.

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Amazing Race for an Amazing Place

ImageWhen I was just a couple of years old, my parents moved my family to Westsyde, a neighbourhood in Kamloops with a strong community mindset.  Just down the road from our house was Centennial Park.  Complete with playground, sports facilities and an adjacent petting zoo, this public space would turn out to be the central focus for a great multitude of my life’s significant moments.  In its parking lot I learned how to ride a bike, and much later how to drive a car. It was near the park’s entrance that almost a decade ago my fiancé and I shared our first kiss.  From childhood days of climbing trees and playing soccer, to afternoons spent as a young adult kicking around a hacky sack with friends, the place has been host to countless memorable experiences of mine.

Being as cherished as it is to me, Centennial Park’s ongoing development is something I consider rather important.  Recently I had the pleasure of contributing to its future improvement as an assistant in the Absolute Amazing Race.  A fundraiser inspired by the popular reality television show of a similar name, the Kamloops based competition was established with the purpose of raising funds to install a water park within the Centennial grounds.  Organized by the Westsyde Community Development Society, with the assistance of volunteers and local businesses, the annual competition experienced its third year this past weekend. Continue reading “Amazing Race for an Amazing Place”

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